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I'm Desirie, the founder and creator of Blu The Collection. 

I started Blu The Collection August 2019 with the hopes of inspiring others. Helping them elevate their confidence and closet. Personally, I could never find a place where I can buy cute quality basics and unique outfits- going to the club & seeing the same outfit on your friend and the person next to her, is not it. I've always dreamed of working for myself, I had been working since I was 15, in customer service, retail & hospitality. At the time I had been so stressed and unmotivated, working a toxic, 9-5 job, as a legal assistant believing there had to be more. One night I prayed for god to lead me on the path I was suppose to be and the next day I was let go from my job. My position was eliminated ! After that I knew, I never want to work for anyone, ever again.

Starting Blu The Collection was the best decisions I've ever made. I just want to thank everyone for shopping with Blu, it gives me a purpose and let's me know that I have a platform to help inspire. I hope to inspire you to be independent, confident and let you know that you can follow and revisit your dreams and gifts. I'm here to provide you with the cutest outfits, that you can effortlessly put together, without breaking your pockets. I want to deliver you the ultimate shopping experience with quality and comfortable pieces from the basic essentials, to the exclusive pieces, you don't see everywhere else. So welcome to your new home for finding a piece of that luxury lifestyle you been wanting.